Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bookcases {In My Case, Less Styling More Books}

So tricky, yet so pleasant (when done right).
My bookcases are less stylish and more workhorse.  While I love a beautifully styled bookcase, in my small condo, I don't have the luxury of having a lot pretty stuff on them. 
I need them to store my BOOKS. 

I got the idea to use two Ikea Expedits from Meg Lonergan's four stacked units in the photo below.  I'm sure everyone has seen this by's been around for awhile and in many publications.

So brilliant.  I mean really, that's a LOT of books.  And I think they look fantastic!
I don't have nearly as many books, but I wanted them all in these units.  As you know, I'm not a fan of clutter, so I needed this space to look clean and organized. 
I started with all of the white-ish books in the top two center cubbies.

Then all of the black books in the bottom, just above the two baskets (which are great for storage). 

I placed the colorful books together in sections of reds, blues and greens.
All of the children's books are in the bottom cubbies
(where there will soon be tiny ones who can reach them :)   

These are all books that I used to read to my kids.  They're all tattered and loved up, like childrens' books should be :)

I still have books stacked throughout my place and some of the decorative stuff will probably have to go soon since I keep getting more books.  But for now everything fits pretty well in these two units.

Can't believe it's Wednesday already.  This week is flying!

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  1. I love your shelves! I think they look great - so simple and organized and put together. I especially love the shelves just for itty bitty people to access :)

    When our bookshelves are finally completed, they will be packed to the gills with Steve's books. Any effort on my part to make them look pretty will not go over well :)

    I am continually jealous of the beautiful light in your home!

    1. Thank you Kate! I'm sure your bookshelves will be gorgeous. I love the look of a whole wall of books. I know I would want to organize them by color, but that wouldn't be too helpful when you're trying to find one!

  2. Those children's books look so sweet and loved. I love children's books, I may have a slight buying addiction to them!

  3. Your shelves look fabulously staged! I am always so interested in what people read. Am I the only one who lingered on your titles? HA!