Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picking a Paint Color ~ White ~ It's Tricky!

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

I need to pick a paint color for my new place & I need help!
I want all the walls, trim & cabinets to be the same
 crisp, clean, modern shade of white. 
Here are a couple of examples of the look I'm going for:
My refrigerator is white, exactly like the one above. 
Other appliances are stainless steel for now.

Below are my cabinets now...I think they are too beige with my white fridge.  The granite will eventually be going bye bye in favor of some white ceasarstone with white subway tile backsplash.

Here is a shot of my living room (with the seller's furnishings).  There is a lot of natural light in the room.

So what's the best white to acheive a
bright, clean and crisp space?

Is there a chance of going too white and looking sterile and cold?

I'd love to get your opinions and advice!

Thanks so much and have an awesome day!






  1. I love all the natural light you will be getting. Will you be using the same finish on the walls and cabinets? If not, then the semigloss and flat/eggshell might look different from each other, anyway.You don't want to do the cabinets more than once, good luck. I like BM snowfall white. Please test it out for yourself.

    1. oooh, Linda that's one I have not tried! I will definitely check it out! Thanks!!

      Oh, and yes, I'm planning on flat for walls and ceiling, semi-gloss on trim and cabinets.

      I'm thinking about venturing into the black door territory and maybe going with SW Urban Bronze, Dutch Boy Gargoyle Shadow or Behr Cracked Pepper on a few of my interior doors. We'll see.

  2. hi karen!

    well you know i love a white wall. my whole house is dipped in bm simply white. i checked whites til i was cross eyed and to me it was the best with the light i get in my house.

    and i love the story about the ja pillows. i love your inspiration pic and admire your sticktoit attitude of getting what you want.

    love the pics of your new place too. i'm so happy and thrilled for you!

    1. Hi Janet! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! And thanks for the suggestion...I have not looked at Simply White. Headed to the paint store today to check it out! Thank you!!

  3. White on white with lots of texture and there's no chance of being sterile!

    I thought I remembered an old Decorno post on the perfect white paints and was able to track it down: http://decorno.blogspot.com/2008/08/perfect-white.html Hopefully that helps some! When do you take possession?

    1. Oh my gosh Kate...going to check that out right away...thank you!!!

      I take possession on June 30! Can't wait to get in there. Clock is ticking and I need to decide on a paint color! Thanks for your advice!!

  4. I tested them ALL last summer.. BM White Dove... it's perfection in a can!

  5. We have BM White Dove. The reflected light from outdoors is such a factor. You can buy small samples. Paint some foamcore boards so you don't have spots all over your walls that might be hard to paint over. Following you in Instagram now. Won't we have fun?! :)

  6. I think one reason white usually doesn't work is because people don't have the floors for white walls. I think you will be fine! My cabinets are BM soft chamois, not creamy but not white white. For a while the white appliances with the cabinets bothered me, but really it isn't a big deal now. I guess I'm use to it. I just say it is more dimension. ha.

  7. I have used Benjamin Moore Simply White and also White Dove. They are my two go to whites. The one that is right for you will depend on your light (that's why I have two go to whites). Have fun!

  8. I had wonderful results with Ben Moore's Moonlight White. It's warm without being yellow and looks great with a lot of natural light. Here's a link to my family room post so you can see the color in action. What I see on my monitor is very accurate with the real life situation.


    Good luck!

  9. Well...you should be throughly confused by now.....but I am still on the BM White Dove bandwagon....although I am loving China White...it is not the crisp modern white you are looking for.....

    1. I was definitely confused until I painted a bunch of samples on poster board. Here's what I've learned:

      1. White Dove is definitely awesome if you want an off-white.

      2. For a modern white, currently my two faves are BM Chantilly Lace and BM Distant Gray...both are awesome.

      3. BM Decorators White is great too...but may be a little too gray...we'll see.

      Still have to get IN the place and see how the colors look in the space....Sunday!! :)

  10. Try a few whites. I love Bonifant White, Paper White, Snow White, Simply white, Lancaster White Wash, Dove White, Simply White, Super White. Moonlight white in my Master Bedroom. I have all these whites in my home.
    Some cast off blue, red or green - Simply White is creamy, Super White is pure white.....
    Look at the whites at night!


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  12. Did you decide on a white? I love BM Cloud white! Or since you are in CA, Dunn Edwards, Whisper White! I've used both several times!!

    1. Hi Annie! Yes, I ended up going with BM Chantilly Lace on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and all of the woodwork (baseboards, fireplace mantle etc). For all of the walls I chose BM Distant Gray (it's white...don't know why they call it gray). Love how everything turned out. Very fresh and modern. Thanks for checking in! xo

    2. We are thinking of doing BM Distant Gray.. are you still happy with it?

  13. Yes I just chose distant gray for my walls and wondering what color white on the baseboards. I was thinking the chantilly white also. Can you post a picture how it came out? Or email me marshasang@hotmail.com