Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Granite and Stainless Steel. {Over It}

Attention Home Sellers: Please stop. 
Please please please I beg of you...stop.

(warning: radical opinion ahead)

 Stop ruining perfectly good kitchens with granite and stainless steel!
It's over.  It's done.
I've never been a fan, but searching for a new home has really reinforced my feelings about this dreaded duo.

My least favorite thing to read in a listing is "updated kitchen" because I know that means one thing only...granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.  Apparently there are no other ways to "update" a kitchen. 
In my opinion granite and stainless steel are going to be to this era what avocado green and harvest gold were to the 70s.

Unless you're talking about these lovely gold Viking appliances, which I'm totally digging.  How awesome are these?

But I digress...
Mark my words.  Future generations are going to be hiring hulky guys to get those heavy, ugly, massive hunks of rock out of their kitchens while they shake their heads and ask "what were they thinking?".  
(again, it's only my radical offense to granite lovers)
Fact: 60% of us think that granite has run it's course..I read it on the internet therefore it is true (wink wink).

One of my favorite choices for countertops is marble.  In the only kitchen remodel I've ever done, I chose the yummiest crema marble for my counters.  I loved the way it looked (and I had white appliances, which I also prefer over stainless).

I designed my kitchen (above) based on this image from a BHG issue (below).  I think I still have this torn out page in my's a beauty.

 One of my other favorite countertops is wood.  The kitchen below belongs to Vanessa of the blog This & That.  Vanessa and her husband live in Auburn, fun is that during football season?!  Go Tigers!  They did such a beautiful job on their gorgeous butcherblock countertops and they did all the work themselves.  (Actually they did the whole kitchen remodel themselves...such impressive skills!) It looks so warm and beautiful don't you think?  I think Vanessa's are my very favorite wood countertops...and sweet Vanessa is one of my very favorite bloggers. 


Vanessa says her countertops are still going strong and looking great 4 years later!  You can read her post about them here.

Here's another example of a nicely updated kitchen using butcherblock countertops.  This home seller used orange and yellow glass tile for the backsplash.  Love this.  Fresh, clean and so pretty.

 There is one granite that I think looks really great however...solid black granite with white cabinets like this kitchen on the set of Cougar Town.

I also like nice, clean tile like the black and white below, and there are so many options with tile.  Just look how clean and fresh it looks.  Sort of timeless don't you think?  You just cannot get that look with granite. 

So what do you think?  Is granite here to stay or is it nearing the end of it's popularity? 
What is your favorite type of countertop?
I'd love to hear what you think.

Thanks and have a great day!



  1. Karen, I agree with you AND those who speak from/as the internet. Granite used in classic combinations (black with white) and possibly those fake Tuscan Villas all over the OC with their blond & rust colored granites will survive.

    But most will look dated 5 years from now. Betcha a quarter!

    Stainless counter tops are one of the classics I would add to the, keep forever list - but NOT combined with stainless appliances. Homes are not commercial kitchens, they're supposed to be warm and cozy.


    1. Thanks Linda! Black and white...always classic and great looking!

      Cheers to you too!

  2. I agree with absolutely everything in this post with the exception of the Auburn love ;)

    I nearly lose my mind everytime someone on House Hunters or some other HGTV show complains about NEEDING granite and stainless. Add in some maple cabinets and you're looking at 1999. No thanks.

    Do you follow Sarah Richardson? She did a Q&A with Tommy on her website a few weeks ago, and Tommy said white appliances are coming back! They also said granite countertops look like carpet under padding. My kind of people.

    1. Aw Kate are you a Roll Tide girl? As a Cali family, we root for UCLA so we're hardly ever happy football fans.

      I so agree with you about House Hunters...those couples are ridiculous (well, and I guess they're not even real?).

      Yes I love Sarah Richardson and Tommy...I used to watch all of her shows. I will definitely check out her website...thanks!

    2. I'd be much happier as an Alabama fan ... UGA alum here!

    3. Well Georgia's pretty darn good...the SEC is so tough. Hard to win that conference. Every year most of my favorite games are SEC teams.

  3. I agree with you on most granite and stainless...Unless it's for commercial appliances, even then I kind of like the black and brass look, but commercial is still ok with me...and honed black granite...I've used it several times and I still love a black and white kitchen. I like basic, white cabinets, white subway tile, open shelving. I'm sure you've seen Trina's kitchen of A Country Home? (I think that's right). You would love it!

    1. Annie honed black granite is one of my absolute favorites...classic and truly timeless in my opinion.

      I don't think I've seen Trina's kitchen but I'm definitely going to check it out.

      Thanks for your comments :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Oh and did you know that Cam is finishing his degree this semester?! I haven't seen him YET but my radar is always on! ha! Have you seen the new ice white appliances by Whirlpool? So beautiful!

    1. Hi Vanessa! Yes, I have seen the ice white them!

      I hope you get to bump into Cam again...that would make your day!

      Thanks for stopping by and for allowing me to post about your beautiful kitchen :) xo

  5. i couldnt be more with you Karen! i hate seeing granite in perfectly new custom kitchens! blegh

  6. Um, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if I get the chance, I'm getting granite! No stainless steel though :)

  7. Amen, amen! I don't want any updates in a house, if we ever purchase one -- and gosh the market is has gotten so bad here -- because I don't want to pay for someone else's granite. I'm ok with the stainless steel, but it would never be my first choice.

    Your previous kitchen was so pretty! The counter tops really gave it a lot of warmth. And didn't that other kitchen (black and white) used to belong to Janet from The Gardener's Cottage?

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