Saturday, December 29, 2012

Star of the Week (SUPERstar?)

Like most of you I'm still shaken by the events in Newtown.  Hope you had some good family moments over the holidays and plenty of hugging your kids.
I think I could write a blog on the star sighting of the week at the market (or Starbucks).  I don't even mention it happens all the time.  Yesterday however was one that I can't not mention.
The beautiful Annette Bening at Whole Foods.  I'm not one to get star-struck since it's such a frequent occurrence, but seriously people...Annette Bening.  Big time movie star.  Married to big time movie star Warren Beatty.  Hollywood royalty. She was so stunning I wanted to just stop and stare at her but my daughter scolded me so I just kept walking.
In other news, still looking every day for a house, condo or apartment to buy.  People don't do much real estate selling over the holidays.  There are like 5 places and nothing good.  Gotta keep the faith though...something will come up.
In the meantime does anyone know a way to break the habit of eating this every morning for breakfast:
Or grabbing one of these every single time you walk through the kitchen:
How do you kick the holiday sweets habit?
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


The title of this post comes from a tweet from one of my favorite humans Kurt Warner...lover of Jesus, awesome husband & father, kind humanitarian.  Most people know him for being a Super Bowl MVP, but he is clearly so much more.
Even the most devout have questions for God.
There are just no words. 
Let's hug our kids and pray for those who have been robbed of that joy forever.  

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bye Bye Suburbia!

Hello again friends!
Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and are full speed ahead into Christmas.
I'm seeing so many inspirational Christmas decorations around blogland and it's making me realize I need to get it in gear.
Since you last heard from me I have moved to the charming 1940's rental where I will look for a permanent place to buy.  The move went so smoothly it's hard to believe. 
And when you only unpack the things you need, the nesting and settling is a breeze.  There is something very freeing (is that a word?) about living minimally with only the things you need. 
I kinda like it.
This place is  pretty charming.  Original wood floors, original solid wood doors and doorknobs.  It's been in the same family since it was new so it's in amazing condition.
Even a sweet little phone cubby in the hall.
And did I mention it takes me 10 minutes to get to work and NO FREEWAY?!  Houzzah!
Oh and one more fun thing...this is just around the corner...
If it ever stops raining I will actually be able to walk there.  Can't wait! 
Rain rain go away!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a good one!