Thursday, November 7, 2013

Woodyliana {Pillows} and More Cougar Town Love

I'm super excited about a package I received from the amazing Woodyliana.

But first, check this out.  I'm always surprised by how many people I've met who love the Cougar Town painting.   

Here she is at her normal home, Omega Cinema Props.

In Jules' living room on the set of Cougar Town.
In my living room, the painting I had a friend paint for me.

If you are new to the blog or haven't previously read about my mad love for the painting, you can check it out here and here.

I bring this up because I've recently found another friend with a similar attraction to the painting.  Liana of Woodyliana Textiles!  You may know her from her former etsy shop and I blogged about her awhile ago when I bought these Betwixt beauties from her.

As Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home says, Li is the Pillow Master!  In case you're not quite convinced of her pillow mastery, here are some of her lovelies:


Those lumbars in Vervain Ishtar might possibly be my all time favorite pillows.  I was sad that Mary Ann wasn't selling them at her moving sale. 

So imagine my surprise when Li texted me this morning and sent a picture of this:

How awesome is this?  Li painted it after being inspired by the original Cougar Town painting she saw on TV and by the one my friend painted for me that Li had seen in my living room.  She customized the size to fit a specific space in her home (that corner in her living room where she used to photograph her pillows for her etsy shop, for those of you who remember that).  I love this size and now I want it!
I also love how she blended the colors and the's all so great!   I just love it and I'm amazed at Li's many talents!

OK, so back to the pillows.  No matter how many I have, I never seem to have the right ones.  However, I firmly believe one can never have too many pillows (holla!) so I am always excited to buy more. 

I purchased this gorgeous fabric from Kravet last year and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.


It's a yummy wool blend paisley, with black, cream and gold. 

I sent the fabric to Li and voila, a glorious package arrived.
Seriously, isn't her packaging beautiful?  I always kinda hate destroying it to get to the goodies inside.

So much attention to detail.


My crummy iPhone photos do not do them justice at all.  I really need to learn my new camera...I've been saying that for almost a year. 

I am so pleased with how the pillows turned out. 
They are soft and cozy....the perfect wintery touch in my mostly white living room (it's 84 today, but whatever).

If you want the best, Liana the Pillow Master is your girl.

Hope you're having a great week!

As always, thanks for stopping by.





  1. oh those are gorgeous. i too have a pillow/fabric addiction that really needs to be dealt with.
    also love the other painting. so so gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh my, her painting is gorgeous! I love her take - so creative!

    Pillow are fab. I hope you're settling in nicely!!

  3. You can NEVER have too many pillows. Love the painting too!

  4. I there ANYTHING that Liana can't do??? She is amazing! I'm ruined for other pillow-makers. Did she tell you that I have four pillows of your same wool paisley on my two sofas right now? I bought a charcoal throw to go with them and want to beg Li to make a couple more to go with them. The Vervain pillows are in my new master now here in SF but it's all subject to change...I just don't want to part with any of her pillows. LOVE your painting!!!

  5. All of those paintings are gorgeous! I love how your's looks in your living room. Love those pillows too, they cozy those chairs up.

  6. I just typed the longest comment and went to publish and I was signed in as my 14 year old.

  7. found you through classic casual home :) love that painting. reminds me of this fabric:
    I think I read that woodyliana shop is busy with a big order...hoping she opens her etsy shop again soon so that I can order some of her beautiful pillows.

  8. Love your painting and your new pillows! I know how much Mary Ann loves Liana's pillows. Does she ship?? Can't believe she can paint and make gorgeous pillows… some people have all the talent! :)

  9. I always loved her pillows. So sad she is not selling on Etsy anymore:( That fabric is a Ralph Lauren…..Love your painting and hers…no one should have THAT much talent!!!
    Oh yeah…your pillows look fabulous and of course I am a believer that you can't have too many!

  10. I like when you buy new pillows so that I can have your old ones :o)

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  12. I love the pillows!! I can't get enough of them!! :)

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