Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Lamp {West Elm love}

I stole a great line from Sherry Hart (Design Indulgence) and it's ok because she stole it too! 

I'm "auditioning" this lamp for this corner of my living room.  In L.A. where everyone is auditioning for something, it's especially appropriate.

Yes, I realize the plastic is still on.  I'm taking it off soon.  When I'm sure.   ;)

I've had this big empty corner to work with.  I've tried a few different things here but nothing too thrilling.  I think I've finally found a winner with this new floor lamp from one of my favorite stores, West Elm.

I have to tell you though, when I first started thinking about this lamp about six months ago, it was $169.  It's now $229.  I used some discount codes, free shipping and a gift card (thanks Katie ;) so I got it for a little less cash out of my pocket.  But still, that's a pretty hefty price increase.


I like that it's tall because my ceilings are tall and I needed some height in the space.  And it's adjustable so I can change the height if necessary.  I also like that it has two lightbulbs so you can have different levels of light.  And I've got a pretty good mix of modern and traditional going, so I think it might work.

Did I mention that I get afternoon sunlight?  It's pretty cool.  I get to watch the beautiful Los Angeles sunset every evening. 
It's one of my favorite things about my place.

The weekend is almost here, friends! 

Hope you have a great one.



~ Karen ~


  1. I've used that lamp before. But it is such a good idea to LIVE with it first. I love how you appreciate the LA sunset. Good to appreciate the nice daily rituals.

  2. Karen, I just hate that the price on an item sometimes goes up - mostly they go on sale, but when it is something so great like this lamp and they keep it in production - costs just go up.

    Hopping you've seen the light and taken the cellophane off the shade and recycled the box. The proportions are perfect!

    1. i'm not hopping. i'm hoping. and blushing and giggling

  3. I love that cozy little corner of your living room! The painting, cozy throw, plant, it's all lovely. The lamp really fills the space so nicely. I think it's time to commit to it!! :) I am so jealous of all the natural light this room gets!

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  5. Love the lamp, hope she sticks around. I love West Elm, one just opened up a couple hours away from us and I am dying to go!