Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cougar Town Painting {Crush} + Omega Cinema Props

Guys, I had the best time the other day!

Back story:
Last Sunday night while watching Mad Men, I caught a glimpse of the Cougar Town painting in a scene.  I practically jumped out of my chair, rewind, rewind!  WTF?

Snapped this from my TV screen just to prove I wasn't hallucinating.
Here's the deal....since Cougar Town is on a loooong hiatus, they had returned the painting to the prop rental house, Omega Cinema Props.  Being the lunatic stalker that I am, this got me thinking.  So that day at lunch I decided to pop over to Omega and see if I could see the real person!  It's only four miles from my office....why not?
Talked to a super nice man and he led me to a corner of the warehouse. 

And there it was.

(Seriously, I DID hear angels singing in my head and I got goosebumps.  I am SUCH a nerd.)

I just wanted to touch it and stare at it and then put it in my car.

The light fading of the's over 50 years old, and the amazing detail on the frame....yowser.  I was more in love than ever!

It's probably a good thing they won't sell anything
(even if you beg...I tried) because I would have bought that thing
No. Matter. The. Price. 
Omega also owns this other painting from the Cougar Town set that a lot of fans have gone crazy for. 

This one is very pretty and I would love to have it also, but it doesn't make me behave like a fool like the other one does.

After looking at the painting for a ridiculously long time, I decided to take a look around the prop house.  It's gigantic...I just saw one building.  There are several buildings...I was only looking at the "residential decor" building.  There are buildings with commercial props, medical props, etc. 
You name it, they have it for rent.

This beautiful antique table with 16 chairs caught my eye.  The wood was so aged and beautiful.  I mean seriously.
(some photos via my iphone, some via Omega stock photos) 










Barely scratched the surface of Hollywood's largest prop house.  How fun would it be to be a set dresser, go to Omega with your list and fill up a room to make it look real for the characters who live there?  Dream job!
As always, thanks for visiting.
 Hope you're having a great week!


#truelove :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picking a Paint Color ~ White ~ It's Tricky!

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

I need to pick a paint color for my new place & I need help!
I want all the walls, trim & cabinets to be the same
 crisp, clean, modern shade of white. 
Here are a couple of examples of the look I'm going for:
My refrigerator is white, exactly like the one above. 
Other appliances are stainless steel for now.

Below are my cabinets now...I think they are too beige with my white fridge.  The granite will eventually be going bye bye in favor of some white ceasarstone with white subway tile backsplash.

Here is a shot of my living room (with the seller's furnishings).  There is a lot of natural light in the room.

So what's the best white to acheive a
bright, clean and crisp space?

Is there a chance of going too white and looking sterile and cold?

I'd love to get your opinions and advice!

Thanks so much and have an awesome day!





Monday, June 3, 2013

Jonathan Adler Score!

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't then get on that please ;)
you already know about my awesome score over the weekend. 
I found one of the pillows for my new bedroom!
I was in Jonathan Adler in Santa Monica on Saturday, not really looking for the pillows because the ones I want for my bedroom,
(based on this inspiration room)
are a very old colorway.  So I was assuming I'd have to track them down on ebay.  But on a whim I decided to ask.
Of course the sales people said they didn't have either pillow.  Good thing I don't give up that easily.  "Are you sure...can you please check in the back?  What's that?  You want me to come back there and help you?  Sure!"  
There were hundreds of pillow covers in the back room....stacked on many many shelves.  Just when I was about to give up (salesgirl kept saying she was sure they didn't have that colorway anymore) there it was!
Then she had the nerve to tease me by saying the Melrose store had the other pillow.  She called them, they said they would hold it.  Hmmm....Saturday afternoon trekking across Wilshire from Santa Monica to West Hollywood?  Yikes.  But I was tricky and decided to take Mulholland from the 405 over the canyon to Laurel Canyon.  Little bit more miles but no trafffic!
Long story short, got to the Melrose store and it was the wrong colorway!  Bummer :(
But that's ok because finding the big pillow, and it was on sale btw, pretty much made my weekend!
#cheapthrills  #imeasy
Have a good one!