Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Design Dilemma ~ Wet Bar {or something}

OK my beautiful genius designer friends....I need your help! 

What would you do with a weird space next to a fireplace with an upper cabinet and an empty space where there used to be a wet bar?

The prior owner removed the wet bar/cabinet from the lower half of this awkward space and installed a glass shelf (I use the word installed lightly...the shelf is resting on some unfinished wood nailed to the wall).
Obviously the glass shelf debaucle is history, but what to do now?
I had hoped to put a bookcase on this wall to the right of the awkward former wet bar (below) but I don't want it to be too busy in that corner.

To refresh your memory of the space, below is a shot of that side of the living room with the former owner's furniture.
Entirely TOO much going on there for my taste.
Being a symmetrical gal, I would prefer to even up the look on both sides of the fireplace.  I can't think of a way to acheive that without busting the budget so I think that will have to wait. 
So in the meantime, here are the options I've come up with....and I'm hoping you all will have some better ideas!
1.  Have a proper cabinet installed in lower half of awkward space.
2.  Put in a wet bar and use as was intended (not likely to happen).
3.  Drywall over the whole thing and move on (this is the leader in the clubhouse at the moment).
What would you do?
Entertaining all possible solutions.  Would love to hear your ideas!
Hope you're having a good week so far!
~ Karen ~


  1. How weird. I would either drywall over it or make it a bit larger (to the ceiling and out to the right) and turn it into a recessed bookcase. If you made it larger, it would certainly be more symmetrical with the other side of the fireplace which sits back. Interested in seeing what others suggest!!

    1. I know...so weird. I like your idea to make it wider. Ideally, make that side wider and more shallow, make the left side deeper and have built-ins on both sides that are the same. That would work for me. :)

  2. I actually find it quite charming. I'd probably replace the glass shelf with a true floating shelf and put a pretty upholstered ottoman underneath it. It seems to me that the former owner's large TV above the mantel was making it seem more off balance.

    Is the fireplace wood-burning? If so, you could remove the upper cabinet and use the space for cut logs.

    I think you could do some fun accessorizing and live with it for awhile until the budget allows you to do what you want to do.

    I'm sure you'll come up with something fabulous!

  3. what if you turned it into a bookcase but styled it very cleanly. then it wouldn't be too busy plus you'd have storage. of course i don't know if storage is an issue. OR i'd just drywall it back up and be done with it.
    can't wait to see what you do!

  4. I would turn it into a bookshelf and flank the other side of the fireplace with another bookshelf for symmetry and function. That should be pretty affordable.

  5. I agree with Diane...a book shelve sounds like a great idea!

  6. I agree with no.3 - to lose it, to dry wall over it. Trust your intuition.
    Bookshelves might work, but seem busy. I would prefer wall space.

  7. Will you be mounting your television over the fireplace? If so, you could have all of the television components hidden inside a lower cabinet in that hole. That is a tough situation. I know how tight storage space can be, so dry walling over it feels like a loss of space....unless you can open it to the room behind it?

  8. I bake because I can't decorate. Sounds like a blog title doesn't it? So far your pad looks terrif. I'd live with it for awhile and see what calls to you and what you need the space to do for you. Besides, you're outside snapping LA shots. You belong outdoors. :)

  9. So, at this late date what have you done? I really liked the idea Sweet Chaos had to take the cupboard out and have a tall niche for fire logs. Second choice is drywall and deal with it later when budget allows.

    Soooooo? What have you done? :-)

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  13. so....what did you decide about the wet bar? I'm sure it looks great....whatever you decided!

  14. First visit to your blog! I live in SOCal too. Wondering if you solved your wet bar dilemma? Got me thinking wow a great space... First I would salvage the upper cabinet for somewhere else like a laundry room, master closet for sweaters etc. add some crown moulding to it and it would be a cool storage piece. Then I would put find two french doors or vintage shutters to close the space. Wood or wood with glass, great handle and use it for all the video,music etc and for storage. Also a rolling basket could hold blankets and pillows for lounging and roll it back in when you don't need it. The doors would offer a beautiful architectural element!
    Wondering what or if you have done anything yet!

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