Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cougar Town Painting {Crush} + Omega Cinema Props

Guys, I had the best time the other day!

Back story:
Last Sunday night while watching Mad Men, I caught a glimpse of the Cougar Town painting in a scene.  I practically jumped out of my chair, rewind, rewind!  WTF?

Snapped this from my TV screen just to prove I wasn't hallucinating.
Here's the deal....since Cougar Town is on a loooong hiatus, they had returned the painting to the prop rental house, Omega Cinema Props.  Being the lunatic stalker that I am, this got me thinking.  So that day at lunch I decided to pop over to Omega and see if I could see the real person!  It's only four miles from my office....why not?
Talked to a super nice man and he led me to a corner of the warehouse. 

And there it was.

(Seriously, I DID hear angels singing in my head and I got goosebumps.  I am SUCH a nerd.)

I just wanted to touch it and stare at it and then put it in my car.

The light fading of the's over 50 years old, and the amazing detail on the frame....yowser.  I was more in love than ever!

It's probably a good thing they won't sell anything
(even if you beg...I tried) because I would have bought that thing
No. Matter. The. Price. 
Omega also owns this other painting from the Cougar Town set that a lot of fans have gone crazy for. 

This one is very pretty and I would love to have it also, but it doesn't make me behave like a fool like the other one does.

After looking at the painting for a ridiculously long time, I decided to take a look around the prop house.  It's gigantic...I just saw one building.  There are several buildings...I was only looking at the "residential decor" building.  There are buildings with commercial props, medical props, etc. 
You name it, they have it for rent.

This beautiful antique table with 16 chairs caught my eye.  The wood was so aged and beautiful.  I mean seriously.
(some photos via my iphone, some via Omega stock photos) 










Barely scratched the surface of Hollywood's largest prop house.  How fun would it be to be a set dresser, go to Omega with your list and fill up a room to make it look real for the characters who live there?  Dream job!
As always, thanks for visiting.
 Hope you're having a great week!


#truelove :)


  1. oh man i need to come over and go with you. that place is amazing. i'd want to buy stuff though. that would be the bad part...not being able to.
    you really do have an eagle eye while watching tv too. that cracked me up.

  2. I just realized my calling at 3:30 in the morning! It's to work for a prop house as a buyer... where does one get a job like that? Think I can call and beg for that too:)

  3. I die! So I'm not the only one who stalks the home decor on tv?

  4. Oh my gosh, how fun to be a set designer and get to shop there! So glad you got to see "your" painting in person!! Thanks for the lucky girl :)

  5. Wow, what an amazing place! I've never been to a prop rental house before, but I'm definitely making a point to go see Omega! Such cool inventory!

  6. Damn...the motherload!! How glad you had a "moment" with your fav painting:)

  7. Did you get to take that painting home?

  8. Wow.. Mother load is right! Great stuff here. Glad you found your favorite painting:)

  9. This is so fascinating! I would love to go there!

  10. Do you now the name of the artist? Or the name of the painting? Maybe its possible to buy a copy. Love it ♡

    1. Unfortunately it's unsigned and really old. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  11. I loooooove the second painting as much as you love the first. The first is amazing also! I've been in love with that beach one though forever and was amazed to find a picture of it online, here at your blog! Thank you for sharing. I'm going to go paint now...

    1. Hi April, yes they are both so awesome. It's great that you can paint your own!