Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Room With a View

I could get used to the view on this old street in Hollywood.  I really love old streets...they have so much charm and history.
 (all photos via my iphone unless otherwise noted)

And how beautiful is this old door?  Great looking patina and deco numbers.
I love the placement of the numbers, and the lock, peephole & doorknob hardware are all antique brass...original to this 1962 Hollywood condo.  So pretty. 
And when was the last time you saw a detail like mosaic tile in an entry?  Is it supposed to be Lake Hollywood (aka the Hollywood reservoir)? 
Old Hollywood has some real gems.  This particular gem however was all in the packaging...great on the outside but meh on the inside.  Sorry but I need SOME kind of a view (and by 'view' I mean something other than the building next door or a block wall).  This may be a stretch since I don't have a million dollar budget, but I am holding out for a decent view. 

In this view of Hollywood you can see the Capitol Records Building on Vine, the Knickerbocker Hotel sign and other parts of the city. 
That's a decent view.

I am even willing to sacrafice things like updated kitchens and bathrooms for a nice view...that's how important it is to me. 
In this view, you can see the roof of the building next door but over that is a very pleasant view of the Hollywood Hills. 
I would take this view in a New York Hollywood minute.

Where does a good view rank on your list of must haves?  What are you willing to sacrafice for a view?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Not much in the way of views in my part of Atlanta, but I'm finding I can't live without lots of natural sunlight! The back of my house is lacking some serious sunlight, but I've tucked away that need until we outgrow this house and repeat to myself "I'm grateful for what we have, I've grateful for what we have, I'm grateful ..."

    1. Hi Kate...natural light is great too, it can make up for a lot. Your house is beautiful so don't outgrow it too soon :)

  2. I love how America has so many different views. We live "downtown" and we still have lots of big oak and pecan trees. My fav are the magnolia trees. Now I could do without the neighbor's lime green house out of my front window but I'll just wait for the leaves to come back and cover that view up!

    1. You are so right Vanessa...so many differences. Your town is so awesome...it's legendary! Love that you have so many trees...and magnolia trees are so southern in my opinion...love that!

  3. That door is lovely - laid-back but glamorous all at once. Such beautiful views as well xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. Thank you Anna...I agree! Thanks for your nice comment :)

  4. Our view is much different than yours...Our acre is wooded and I love looking out my breakfast room window or sitting on my 2nd story deck and looking at all the trees, especially in the Spring. Hollywood has so many interesting buildings. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  5. If your an LA gal as I am (born and raised), you'll like the movie that is out now with Ryan Gosling. I just say it and all I can remember is Gangster but there is another word after it. My Dad worked in an Art Deco office on 3rd St. so it was fun to see 'the LA look' of the past. Thanks for visiting me today. :)