Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pretty Bedroom By My Favorite DIYer

My good friend Jill is one of those creative types with crazy talent...the kind of talent in SO MANY things that makes you just shake your head in awe.  Combine that with the fact that she is also one of the nicest people on the planet and you have an impossible combination of awesomeness. 
Today I bring you a small sampling of her talents.
I have witnessed Jill and her husband transform all three of their bathrooms, doing all of the work themselves,  and creating some of the most lovely and creatively done spaces you could this one for example where they remodeled their master bathroom and added some barn door hardware on which to mount the doors.
Very fun.  So it is no surprise that when Jill decided to redecorate her master bedroom, there would be some clever stuff going on in there.
 For example, when she spotted this painting below on Ballard's website, she really loved the painting but not so much it's high price tag. 
No problem...just paint your own!
Seriously?  This is the kind of stuff you're gonna have to deal with if you want to be friends with Jill. The woman is ridiculous (in the best possible way).
Pricey drapes?  Not happening.  Just get an adorable duvet cover at Home Goods and magically turn it into lovely window treatments.
See what I mean?  That's talent people.
I love the soft green and gray with touches of cream and black.  So fresh and pretty.
It's no surprise that Jill has created yet another lovely, comfortable space.  It's just what she does...with the greatest of ease. 
Thanks for stopping by today!
Bedding & pillows ~ Home Goods or Marshalls


  1. Wow what a great space! It looks very cozy!

  2. Jill needs to guest post on my blog. Wow, is she ever impressive. She's the perfect friend to have. I'm sure she always has a solution for everything.

    1. She definitely is the perfect friend to have! I agree, she needs to blog somewhere!

      Thanks Linda!

  3. Your friend Jill is talented. I love when someone can make their own version of something expensive for less money. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, what a great job ~ you can tell she definitely has an eye for putting things together!

  5. Beautiful how she can put it all together with a little inspiration.

  6. Your friend is so talented. I love the artwork she created. Her drapes are gorgeous too. Such a lovely room.

  7. This style is so wonderful. The color combination is also wonderful. Nice and beautiful room.

  8. Jill and her husband certainly know how to conduct a home makeover. Just look at their projects. They all look amazing, especially with the transformation of their master bathroom! The door is what I liked the most. You can see how they combined the idea of having a barn door and a French door at the same time. That was really brilliant!
    Jannet Gassaway @ Walker Contracting