Friday, November 16, 2012

New and convenient or vintage with character?

I am having a hard time deciding on a rental to move into for the next few months while I search for something to buy.  You wouldn't think it would be that difficult.  There are beautiful new apartments with all the bells and whistles.
But most of them have very little character or anything that makes them interesting or unique. 
And since it's winter, do I really need a pool?
And does anyone ever really need a movie theater in their apartment building?
  Then there are many gorgeous old buildings with beautiful wood floors, original moldings and tons of charm like this one in Hollywood...
And this one on Melrose...
How cute are they?  You don't find this kind of charm in the new buildings.
And the windows...oh my gosh the windows.
And what about this beauty?  Could you die for this great mid-century architecture?

These babies just ooze charm and they are very appealing to me.  This might be the only time for the rest of my life that I will rent an apartment so I'm kind of feeling like I should go for it and do something fun.  It's temporary.  Live a little, I tell myself.  But the new shiny buildings have one thing over the old beauties...
The new buildings have convenient facilities...either in the apartment or at least on each floor, inside hallways, protected from the elements. 
The old, beautiful charmers, oy vey it is bad.  We're talking about going outside, old machines, and don't forget your bag of quarters. It's winter (even in LA!)'s cold and dark in the evenings!  
Maybe I could just send out my laundry and get over it.  I don't know. What do you think?  Is it a silly thing to consider?
Whatever I do, I need to do it fast.  I have to move in 13 days.  Help! 
Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. i totally feel ya on this one. I kept thinking as i was reading, wouldnt it be awesome to find a place that LOOKS like melrose place, a little courtyard, neighbors having wine outside! how fun, for a little while!!!

    1. Right Bethany? I know! I think I should go for it!

  2. Laundry is pretty got me here. I do LOVE the charm of the older ones for sure. Karen......This is a hard decision!