Friday, November 9, 2012

Festival of Trees

Hope you are well.  After 95 degrees earlier this week, the weather in Southern California is finally fall-ish.  Actually needed a jacket today!  And just in time because today is the start of the
10th Annual Festival of Trees in our town.
(one of my Festival trees from 2009)
  It's a big fundraiser for our local Boys & Girls Club where we decorate fancy Christmas trees that are auctioned for big bucks.  It lasts two weeks and there is a huge's all very festive.

 I have designed trees for this event for 10 years and of course this year I decided to sell my house right in the middle of it all.
But somehow I managed to finish my trees on time.  These are all little trees, about 4' tall. Take a peak...



And possibly my favorite this year, a vintage golf tree with old wooden golf clubs and leather club covers. 
I do love me some golf!
But now, it's back to the business of finding a new home.  I'm moving in about 19 days and I still have no idea where!
Thanks so much for visiting.


  1. love the holiday post--it puts me in the mood for some shopping and decorating!

  2. Karen,
    I love a theme and I can't think of a better reason than a Christmas tree event with a wonderful cause. So if I've done the math are moving in 2 weeks?! Exciting! keep us posted.

    1. Your math is correct Annie! Almost exactly 2 weeks til my escrow closes. The problem is that I haven't found a rental yet...working on it but haven't found just the right place. It's only temporary so I don't know why I'm being so picky. Gotta pull the trigger on a place this weekend for sure.

  3. Those are so good! I can not believe you had time to do so many! The golf one is adorable:)

  4. Karen, I LOVE the golf tree. How perfect. I've spent 4 hours looking for vintage golf items. Where in the world did you find the small loving cups? I've exhausted all my resources! Thanks so much