Thursday, March 14, 2013

Groovy Hollywood Hills Pad

Despite all the wonderful prayers and good wishes from everyone, alas the 1929 West Hollywood Spanish condo was not meant to be.  The owner got a little greedy with all those offers flying.  Whatever. There are more fish in the sea.
I'm now honing in on this charming 1960s co-op in a sweet neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills called Beachwood Canyon.

(took this the other day standing in the middle of the street on a very cloudy day...kinda cool looking)

Nice views all around....this is out the kitchen window...

Parts of this tiny gem have not been touched since being built in 1961.  Such as this relic from the Jetson's space age era... 

I would almost feel bad ripping out this groovy tile...almost.
More grooviness in the bathroom...
Obviously this would all go buh-bye, but then what?
I am not a country kitchen person, nor a lover of modern and sleek. I guess I prefer something classic, not trendy.
So I ask you this...
What style do I replace the 1960s with?
How important is it to honor the era of the building?
Thanks in advance for your opinions and advice!


  1. I went clean and modern and I do love it but I guess for re-sale, classic bordering on traditional always seems to sell. I think you should do what you love. I bet this could be a fun project!
    I loved The Jetsons and always wanted a house like that~

    1. Patricia I always love the Jetsons too! So funny :)

  2. Sorry to hear the Spanish condo didn't work out, but the co-op sounds like a great opportunity too! I would stick with classic choices in the kitchen. Well constructed cabs (I would do painted finish, but that's my own personal preference), quartz counters, and a coordinating backsplash that isn't too mod. Polished nickle hardware, white or cabinet covered appliances. I know you don't like stainless! Have you seen the white appliances at ikea? They are gorgeous! Lighting and accessories could be more retro to fit into the style of the house. My two cents :)

    1. I love your ideas Kate...definitely painted cabinets and I love the idea of quartz counters or something light colored like Ceasarstone. I have only seen Ikea's white appliances on an episode of Sarah 101 and I LOVED them. I'd need to get over there and see them in person...soon!

      Thanks for your awesome two cents Kate! :)

  3. You have the right attitude. It's all good. As for this kitchen, I'm not sure. I love light and bright, especially for California.

  4. I've been catching up your last few posts...I sorta love the vintage GE range...that color is fabulous! Very cool Hollywood photo....pinning it to CALIFORNIA!

  5. Dying to see more of this vintage gem if/when you get it! (If I start daydreaming about making changes to the kitchen now I'll be crushed if "we" don't get to remodel.)

    Fingers crossed!